The Last Lesson He’d Teach Me Before He Died

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  1. Mark

    February 21st, 2019 at 3:54 pm

    Loved it

  2. Jill Stasch

    February 21st, 2019 at 4:02 pm

    I love your stories and your candor! Only your blogs make me cry and that laugh out loud while I’m reading them on the DL at work. ♥️

  3. Jill

    February 21st, 2019 at 4:56 pm

    Laughter through the tears. Bless you as you continue to make your way through each day with your daughter by your side – the spark of Joe…his final gift. Your writing is excellent – we feel your joy and your pain.

  4. Paula J Brindza

    February 22nd, 2019 at 11:24 pm

    So ironic but my husband’s name was Joe also. He told me from the day we married, “You are going to learn how to survive without me here as each of the males in my family have passed young!” Well after 43 years of marriage, I lost the love of my life to Cancer and he did teach me how to survive.

  5. Jennie Gemignani

    March 24th, 2019 at 12:05 pm

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful memory. I hope that stories and pictures and memories of all sorts are bringing peace and comfort.